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Sunlighten Sauna Reviews - Reviews from 10 Sunlighten Sauna Customers

"We love our sauna and use our sauna often for good health and relaxation from a busy day. We practice 100% plant based nutrition and believe detoxification is an important aspect of our healthy lifestyle and the Sunlighten sauna offers this and much much more. I teach Vegan, Raw Food and Macrobiotic cooking and of course show off my Sunlighten sauna to everyone. It's amazing how much we spend on looking good, but never invest in our health so I try to promote spending money on becoming well and believe a far infrared sauna by Sunlighten is the best investment one can make in becoming healthy."
- Nancy Stein, Sunlighten Sauna Customer Reviews

"My Sunlighten sauna arrived in excellent condition and I assembled my sauna with no problems at all. I really like the magnetic latching system for the wall panels and seat support in the sauna. Great idea! I already tried the sauna out and it is perfect. All in all, the sauna definitely exceeds expectations for ease of assembly and we are very happy with it."
- Phil Logan, Sunlighten Sauna Customer Reviews

"Thank you so much for your generosity in sending me the Solo sauna as a loaner while we anxiously awaited our mPulse sauna. It was very kind of you and great customer relations. We are so excited to try our mPulse sauna and thank you again for your excellent service."
- Lori Fisher, Sunlighten Sauna Customer Reviews

"The first session of my mPulse Believe sauna was amazing!! It was like angels came down from heaven and were singing to me!! I am totally in love with the sauna. I felt so relaxed afterwards and didn't want to get out of my sauna!"  
- Angelina Ely, Sunlighten Sauna Customer Reviews

"Excellent sauna. Easy to put together. The sauna is an essential part of our lives now."
- Scotty Weil, Sunlighten Sauna Customer Reviews

"My wife and I are so pleased with our new mPulse Aspire sauna. We are using it every day! It was sure worth the wait. And I love the Chromotherapy lights and SO sound system add-ons in the sauna. Sunlighten saunas are worth the extra money, in my opinion. My son and I were able to assemble our new Aspire sauna ourselves in a few hours with the aid of your friendly Customer Service people. Thanks, Sunlighten! You have a great company, fantastic saunas, serving employees, and I promise to recommend my infrared sauna to all my friends. So Sunlighten should get ready for more demand!"
- Judd W. Patton, Sunlighten Sauna Customer Reviews

"My sauna seems to be at a perfect temperature for right now. After twenty minutes I'm soaked in sweat. The sauna has been a big help with adjusting my body to working in the 100 degree weather we've been having. Looking forward to other benefits in the future. I am very happy with the way the sauna holds the heat, the looks and especially the sound system. I am thoroughly enjoying my new sauna and looking forward to getting my ionizer."
- Dave Zuckerman, Sunlighten Sauna Customer Reviews

"My wife and I are very pleased with our sauna and the way Sunlighten handles itself when I have a question or a problem. Everyone is very polite and professional. If any one of our friends or family decide to purchase a sauna it will be with Sunlighten."
- Steve & Denise Gachko, Sunlighten Sauna Customer Reviews

"In October, 2008, I was stricken with a heart attack - 9 days of ICU residency. Since returning home, the Sunlighten™ sauna has been one of the major factors in what can only be called a near miraculous recovery. I especially appreciate the personal involvement of Mike Hurley an Electrical Engineer who, in spite of all the demands on his time, made me feel that he took a personal interest in our happiness. Thank you, Sunlighten Sauna for having people like Mike."
- Conrad and Aniko Adelman, Sunlighten Sauna Customer Reviews

"The Sunlighten sauna is better than I expected. Unexpectedly, my wife and daughter love the sauna too. I have to schedule time to get into my own sauna! By the way - the assembly is pure genius. The magnets and "c" clips made assembly ridiculously easy."
- Bruce Kaplan, Sunlighten Sauna Customer Reviews

Sunlighten Saunas is an infrared sauna company that has been selling saunas for over ten years. The saunas feature unique heating technology that was developed from clinical testing and research. The quality of the technology, wood and construction of each of their saunas is unmatched within the infrared sauna industry.

In 2001 Sunlighten Saunas breakthrough Solocarbon heater was born, introducing the world to the largest surface area far infrared heater in existence. Through research and development, they discovered that a larger surface area heater within the saunas would indeed produce more therapeutic far infrared heat and deliver a much deeper sweat for their customers than other far infrared saunas. By having a surface area heater that is over 10 times larger than most other far infrared heaters, you will receive that much of a deeper sweat and 10 times the benefits of other saunas!

Being a sauna company that cares, Sunlighten broke away from the standard far infrared heaters that were and are still being used today in most saunas (ceramic, incoloy rod, etc.) and launched Solocarbon with the intent of delivering the deepest and most therapeutic sweat imaginable with their saunas.

The dedicated customer service team at Sunlighten Saunas helps provide you with the best experience possible with your sauna. If you have any problems with your sauna, they will be there to help you through it.

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Listing of mPulse Sauna models:
mPulse Aspire sauna
mPulse Believe sauna
mPulse Conquer sauna
mPulse Discover sauna
mPulse Empower sauna

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Signature I sauna
Signature II sauna
Signature III sauna
Signature Corner sauna
Signature Luxury sauna

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Select II sauna
Select III sauna
Select Corner sauna
Select Luxury sauna

Listing of Other Sauna models:
Solo sauna
Sunburst 3 sauna
Sunburst 5 sauna